Lassya Charitable Trust

Lassya Charitable Trust (LCT)

The LCT has been established with a view to provide:

  • Succor to the Poor and the Deserving,
  • Opportunities to the Aspiring Entrepreneurs,
  • Employability skills and Professional opportunities to the Educated Unemployed Youth,
  • Career Launch through Coaching and enabling Aspirants in competitive examinations for public service aspirants and Employment Seekers in Banks, PSUs and other recruitment platforms.

Our Beliefs:

Fundamentally, Lassya is a philosophy of life that undertakes to reconcile the ever-present conflict between the desire to profit for one’s self and the duty and consequent impulse to serve others.

This philosophy is

the philosophy of service – “Service Above Self” and

is based on the practical ethical principle that

“He That Serves Mankind Most, Serves God Best.”

(Translated from the Sanskrit Quote)

‘Manava Seva Ye Madhava Seva’.