1. Nation Building through creating awareness for

a.  Social Responsible Citizens

b.   Environmental Awareness

c.   Resource Conservation of Water, Energy, Finance, etc.,

d.   Health & Hygiene

2.  Community Service through

a.  Health Camps

i. Mother & Child care

ii. Neonatal & Postnatal care

iii. Baby care

iv.  Hygiene of the self & surroundings

v.  Eye camps

vi.  General Health camps

vii. Cardiology Health camps

b. Rivers, Roads, Trees – Greenery and Clean Drinking Water

c. Schools – Infrastructure Support

d. Education – Support through Books, Hostels, Uniforms, Scholarships, etc.,

3. Traditional Values – By providing awareness of

a. Traditional values

b. Ethics in Business

c. Ethics in Society

d. Ethics in Family

e. Ethics in Leadership

f. Ethics in Politics

4. Disciplined Employable Workforce – training as a Co-Curriculum for vocational training.

5. Entrepreneurship – creating incubation cells fully equipped to faster entrepreneurship.

6. Peace & Prosperity

7. Enriching the Environment.